The perfect skillset awaits.  

Anytime, anywhere, any length.  Our nationwide network of skilled finance and legal professionals can engage with you for a project of any size and any duration.  All professionals have been degree, license and skill-set verified.

We have 3 types of engagements:

  1. Traditional temporary or temp-to-hire:  a day, multiple days, or a conversion-test period.  These are our W2 employees for the duration of the engagement. 
  2. Timeshare/Shared Resources Reservation:  Sometimes you don't need someone for a full day everyday.  Instead, reserve our shared professionals for a regular block of of time.  These are 1099 workers for the duration of the engagement.
  3. Direct Hire.  We hunt for you and you make the offer.



Areas of Expertise

We currently focus on Finance & Legal and can provide skills in these areas:


  • Controller & other managerial-level positions
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Payroll


  • In-house attorneys
  • Document review attorneys
  • eDiscovery support professionals
  • Paralegals


Temp & Temp-to-Perm Hourly Bill Rates:

$35-100 Most engagements are billed out in this range

$75-$300 In-house secondees and other specialized legal engagements
$50 document review attorney
$75-$150 eDiscovery or project manager

Timeshare/Reserved Rates:

Reserved for 4 hour blocks of time at rates set by our professionals.  Give us your budget and we will match you with the appropriate professional.